Alex Shur Completes L 11!

Alex Shur

Alex Shur is an optical engineer, the head of optical research team of Shamir Optics Company, where he has been working over 20 years. Alex began studying Hubbard’s Technology in 2002 at Dror Center after he read the Dianetics Book.

At Dror, Alex did all his auditing up to Clear, while doing his training at Tel Aviv Org. In 2010, Alex attested to the State of Clear at AOSH EU, Copenhagen and continued there his OT Levels up to Audited NOT’s (“New OT V”).

In 2012, Alex decided that the right step to take is to leave the Church along with his friends at Dror Center. Since then, Alex made rapid progress on both sides of the Bridge. In 2013, Alex has completed the Solo Nots Auditor Course and in 2015, he was the first at Dror Center to complete the Solo NOTs.

Besides his progress on the auditing side of the Bridge, Alex studied at Dror’s Academy. Recently he has completed the Life Repair Auditor Course with great successes on his preclears.

Recently, Alex has completed the L11 Rundown. The L Rundowns were originally developed by LRH aboard the Apollo Ship. He designed these Rundowns to help executives in rehabilitating their abilities so that they will be able to apply the Admin Tech in their orgs in order to expand them. For Alex, being one of the top executives of Shamir Optics, couldn’t be a better match than these Rundowns.

Today we would like to present to you the video success story of Alex after completing the L11 Rundown.

Enjoy Watching.  

Best Regards, Eitan

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