Aiman Masri Delights on the Communication Course

Since Dror Center was established in 1992, the most successful action with new public was the Communication Course, based on drilling Hubbard’s Training Routines 0 to 4. This Tech was originally developed by Ron Hubbard to train auditors, but has broad application in life and enables the student who completes the TR’s to handle any situation in life with the tools acquired on this course.

Yet there was no single LRH book that made the full technology of effective communication easily accessible to the broad public. This includes diverse subjects, such as: the ARC Triangle (understanding), Confront, Communication Formula, Intention, delivering an idea, Acknowledging, Handling Originations, and much more.

This prompted Dani Lemberger to write ‘The Complete Communication Manual’ (CCM) in 2018, as part of the rapidly expanding LifePower library. This book presents Hubbard’s technology regarding human relations and creating of understanding in a way that is easy to grasp and apply.

Based on the CCM, Dror’s Tech team prepared a checksheet for study and drilling of the Effective Communication Course. This course has proven highly successful as it creates immediate life-changing results, and a strong interest in its graduates to advance up the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Today, we would like to share with you the success story of Aiman Masri, owner of Israel’s leading lighting store, ‘D.LIGHT’, in Baqa al-Gharbiyye. Aiman began his training and auditing at Dror over a year ago and now his entire family is receiving services. Aiman recently completed the ‘Effective Communication Course’ and has enjoyed remarkable improvements in his personal life and in his business.

Here is Aiman’s success story:

“The Effective Communication Course made me understand why there are people who know how to do things much more efficiently than other people. The secret is that those people know better how to communicate.

“Today, I know how to communicate with people better than in the past. I improved my ability to listen. I have gained a positive impact on people.

“My ability to persuade others has greatly improved and it helps me sell much more than before. Almost no one enters our store and does not buy.

“Each time I come to the course room at Dror Center, it feels as though I am getting money into my hands. I highly recommend the course to all my friends.”

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