Ronit Schaul Storming the Bridge

Ronit Schaul

Ronit Schaul began studying Scientology at Dror Center in 2001. After completing several courses and auditing at Dror Center and at the Tel-Aviv Org, she decided to become a business consultant according to Hubbard’s management technology. Ronit studied at the Hubbard College, Tel-Aviv, for about two years. During her studies, she continued advancing the Bridge up to Level 2.

In 2011, Ronit followed her son Don, to the Org at Malmö, Sweden, where he held the position of Qualifications Secretary. During her stay, Ronit noticed many outpoints. She saw that the organization was not operating on a desire to help people, that it turns away from its true calling and pressures the public to donate money. Thus, in 2012, Ronit and Don left the Church and joined Dror Center.

Since leaving the Church, Ronit keeps advancing up the Bridge at Dror Center. She is also assisting Don in establishing Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv.

Ronit attested Clear some years ago and is eagerly storming the Bridge towards OT. We present below three short videos of Ronit: First, attesting to the L 11 Rundown; then, completing OT Preparations and her OT Eligibility; and, recently, attesting to Advanced Level, OT 1.

In October 2018, Ronit completed the L 11 Rundown which she received from Tami Lemberger.

Recently, Ronit completed the Solo Auditor Course Part 1 and Part 2. In March 2019, Ronit completed OT Preps and OT Eligibility and received the invitation to do her OT Levels.

Most recently, in April 2019, Ronit attested to completion of OT 1.
This level is delivered at Dror precisely according to Ron’s handwritten instructions.
You can find out more about this here.

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  1. Tami Lemberger

    Ronit- very well done for your progress up the Bridge!! Your actions in your life and your friendship is very much appreciated!!
    Lots of love,

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