Mar 05

Here We Come… Free Scientologists of Israel

Hemi Benvenisti made this clip with photos of Indies in Israel. Most photos were taken naturally in social gatherings, no directing, no special effects, no extras, no actors. Just people, Indies, having lots of fun, it seems. Hemi writes to us: “In recent years I have met and come to know, closely, most of these …

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Feb 25

Alexander Dantser Speaks Out

The first time you heard of Alexender Dantser was in December 2014, after he came to visit Dror Center to start his OT levels. He shared his wins with us at the AFSI gathering that we had in November 2014, you can see it here. Alexander is solo auditing at home on OT 2, and …

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Feb 11

First OT 2 Completion Made in Israel!

Congratulations to Dima Jitovetsky for completing the advanced level OT 2! The ability gained of this level is: ability to confront the whole track.     It turns out that the levels OT 1 and 2 were altered over the years by the Church of Scientology and replaced with inferior technology and shortened to a …

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Jan 26

Congratulations to Solo NOTs Completion, Alex Shur

Alex Shur is the first to complete Solo NOTs at Dror Center. Thanks to Dror’s staff, who did a comprehensive work of research, compilation and study, everyone can now do the upper levels of the Bridge in Israel. The full Bridge is open and available for every person who wishes to step on it, and …

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Dec 23

Moving UP the Bridge… from Flag to Dror Center

On November 14, 2014, we held a meeting in Tel Aviv. We had several “excuses” for this evening of pure fun; for example, to indicate the end of the summer, to celebrate Tami’s birthday (in Hebrew) and to mark the steady expansion of free Scientology in Israel.

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