Moti Weizman completed OTI


Moti is a staff member at Dror Center since July 2006. He is the fourth staff who joined the circle of OTs. The rest of the staff are progressing vigorously to join their colleagues shortly.

This is the success story Moti wrote as he completed this grade:

This is a lovely step. At first I didn’t really understand what was requested of me, but I went on with it. Gradually I got a whole new perspective which is very spiritual and yet scientific.

In addition, I gained confidence running processes solo. In short – it was fun!

I would like to thank Aviv and Tami for their caring and for the close guidance. We are in good hands!

7 thoughts on “Moti Weizman completed OTI”

  1. Victoria Severin

    Moti, Our congratulations! We are happy about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice!…. Way to go Dror Center!

    Good to see a staff member making it!

    In my mind, historically, nobody has been more overlooked than the many good staff members that worked hard to help others while their own cases often suffered.

  3. Very Well Done Moti.
    You are a great example of persistence towards a known goal.
    Continue your path and success in Life and Livingness.

  4. Thank you all for your greetings. I feel lucky to be part of Dror’s team and part of the independant movement. I am continuing my journy on the upper levels and I wish we will hear more news like that from me and many others soon. Much love, Moti

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