Don Schaul Now Does OT 2

Don Schaul

Don Schaul is very determined to go up the Bridge to full OT, while making it possible for hundreds of new public to find out about Dianetics and Hubbard’s Bridge.

In 2014, Don founded Clearing Center in Tel Aviv, where he delivers monthly Dianetics seminars attended by many people. The public then continues to do the LifePower Courses delivered with great results by Don’s team.

In March 2019, Don completed the Solo Auditor Course.

Then, in May 2019, Don received his invitation to do the OT Levels.

Today, we are happy to announce that Don Schaul completed OT 2!

We invite you listen to Don, Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Don Schaul Now Does OT 2”

  1. It was neat getting to be in the room here and listen to this on my first trip to Israel. I’ve actually heard or read more and bigger success stories about OT2 than OT3. Congratulations Don…U Da Man ! ! ! ???

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