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Jan 19

Price Wins the Prize, Finally

We are proud to present an interview we recently held with Anthony Price of Sydney, Australia. Anthony has been on lines at the Church of Scientology for over 28 years where he did his training up to the level of Graduate Class 5 Auditor. At the Church, Anthony has been stopped from going up the Bridge. …

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Jun 12

Graduation Party at Dror Center – May 2015

On 15 May 2015, Dror Center held its traditional Shavuot party, the Jewish Pentecost. Members of AFSI, the Association of Free Scientologists Israel, were happy to participate. Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Bible to the people of Israel when they fled from slavery in Egypt. This holiday later evolved into a celebration of spring and …

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Mar 05

Here We Come… Free Scientologists of Israel

Hemi Benvenisti made this clip with photos of Indies in Israel. Most photos were taken naturally in social gatherings, no directing, no special effects, no extras, no actors. Just people, Indies, having lots of fun, it seems. Hemi writes to us: “In recent years I have met and come to know, closely, most of these …

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Dec 23

Moving UP the Bridge… from Flag to Dror Center

On November 14, 2014, we held a meeting in Tel Aviv. We had several “excuses” for this evening of pure fun; for example, to indicate the end of the summer, to celebrate Tami’s birthday (in Hebrew) and to mark the steady expansion of free Scientology in Israel.

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Jun 09

Prof. James R. Lewis at Dror Center

Prof. James R. Lewis  was a guest of AFSI at Dror Center, Israel, on 23 May 2013. Prof. Lewis is a renowned researcher of new religious movements, currently teaching at Tromso University, Norway. We held an open discussion with Prof. Lewis which you can see here: